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Testimonials from our clients:

Director: Diego Pernia ( Argentina )

Mazda Souls tvc / China & Japan

My experience in New Zealand has being one of the most rewarding events in my career.

First, I had the pleasure to go to a beautiful country. It felt like a dream, been able to fly to this ideal place where nature meets the most sophisticated beauty.

Then, as if it wasn’t enough, I realize that the people that I was going to work with were generous, professional and kind people. Dedicated in heart and soul to work in a very reliable, honest, responsible and human way, specially HUMAN.

Queenstown became one of my top location around the world, not just in a working matter but in a personal one. This was an important part on the success of the commercial. The enchanted and unique atmosphere made it possible to embrace the original idea for the spot.

I will like to thank Pip and Mark, without whose capacity, devoted work and humanity I wouldn’t have obtained the wanted results.

Also I have to mention the delicious food and tasty wine that I got taste in my stay in New Zealand. All these elements together made us lived a great quality time. What a bless!.

I’m deeply grateful for such an experience. I cant wait to go back.

Thank You MAP Productions!!!

Director: Rich Lee ( U.S.A )

We had a fantastic experience collaborating with MAP Productions on our recent Hyundai iX35 project.

As a first timer to New Zealand as I was, I found Pip and Mark to be generous with their vast, tasteful knowledge and insight about New Zealand’s locations, crew and filmmaking.

I can’t say enough about how much of a pleasure it was having them as part of the project, I truly look forward to working with them again.

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