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We are not your average film production service company. We’re a service company with a difference. Focusing on service, we’re a unique, boutique team.


To write about oneself is never easy and regardless of what is written there’ll always be a subjective opinion. The game wouldn’t be as much fun if there wasn’t!

So here goes, the last 25 years in reverse:

Privileged to be living in Queenstown and working in Film and Television. Appreciative of a long and successful marriage and career. Lucky to be in partnership with my talented wife.

Excited about the future and the direction that MAP is taking.

Lucky enough to be travelling and working internationally on a regular basis.

Content with the knowledge that I’m trusted and respected by my peers. Smart enough to recognize change and brave enough to adapt.

Open minded enough to embrace the Creative.

Willing to believe in and trust the talented.

Recognizing when you’re at your best and looking for a way to be better.
Appreciative of those that opened the door and sent me on this journey!

With 25 years watching and listening to what’s been said and done, I’ve decided it’s time to push the boundaries and do things for myself, thus the timely rebirth of MAP Productions, nothing more than the vehicle upon which we’ll travel with the like-minded and talented!

That’s pretty much me!

The Goat.

1st A.D’s TVC C.V MAY 2015



With what some would say is a lengthy and successful freelance career in television commercial production I’ve decided to take what I’ve learnt over the past 25 years and apply it in my own way.

I’ve decided it’s time to put my best foot forward and steer my own ship thus the rebirth of MAP Productions with myself at the helm.

With many skills, a vast knowledge of our industry and experience working with some of the world’s best over the years, I consider myself respected within the industry and well qualified to run a production service company with a real point of difference.

More often than not the creative components of many projects get lost in the cost of implementing the idea; at MAP we embrace the Creative and strive to deliver an outstanding result.

My experience and skill set, along with those of my talented husband, ensure that anything is possible if approached and resourced in the right way

With the boundaries constantly changing around the advertising medium I’m a firm believer in exploring all possibilities and the full extent of each and every opportunity – building relationships based on open communication, honesty, trust and respect.
Because of this you’ll find working with me a worthy and rewarding experience; one not only worth repeating but one worth recommending.


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